Unethical practices cost organisations globally, $600 billion per year!

Recent Royal Commissions into Aged Care, Banking and Finance industries have highlighted a gap between organisations' stated values and the actual customer experience.


The Solution - Raise the BAR (Balance and Reputation),  a QUT certified ethics and integrity program for Boards, CEO’s and senior managers, ensures greater customer outcomes whilst increasing competitive advantages for organisations. The program consists of four focused components delivered through online and in person consultation and education.


Raise the BAR solves problems not only for companies, customers and regulators by:


  • Bridging the gap between organisational values and the true lived experience of consumers;

  • Heightened service delivery through improved culture, staff training and stakeholder engagement;

  • Improved corporate governance and risk mitigation for Boards and CEO’s who are now personally accountable for service outcomes;

  • Provide a greater competitive advantage for organisations wanting to attract and retain customers, staff and key stakeholders;

  • Accreditation in Ethics and Integrity, leading to greater commercial outcomes;

  • Improved brand reputation;

  • Raises employee culture, which therefore improves greater outcomes for the consumer and the organisation (lessens the likelihood of fraud, increased productivity)



For more information on how we can help you Raise the BAR, contact:


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