The brief

As one of Australia’s leading charter service providers, AVMIN supplies small and large turboprop aircraft, helicopters, corporate jets, emergency equipped medevac aircraft, freight aircraft and commercial sized airliners. The Brisbane-based group is represented on the Commonwealth Department of Defence Air Transport Standing Offer Panel that has access to all defence and other federal aircraft charter tenders. A large air logistics program was up for tender through this panel. 

The challenge

Based on founder Todd Crowley’s experience in logistics and the defence sector and Vaxa's proven capabilities in this space, AVMIN engaged their services to undertake the extensive process of putting together a tender for this key project. 

The result

Todd and the team worked around the clock to put together a comprehensive tender, which met all key objectives and linked suppliers and experts within AVMIN’s team.  The team worked on all components of the project from interviewing, writing, editing and the design of the final document. They also provided their expertise around logistics and project management. 


“When the project came up, we didn’t know how to approach writing and presenting a tender of this magnitude. Our Managing Director had worked with Todd on a previous project and said ‘we need someone we can trust to lead us through this process and he’s the right person. Don’t go anywhere else.’ 


“Todd and his team helped us through the whole process. His knowledge and experience in this space was of great value.  The team were fantastic to work with and everything they said they would do they delivered and more. They went above and beyond and worked outside of normal working hours to get the project delivered on time. The quality of work was fantastic. If a similar project came up again, we would definitely work with them again.”


The brief

Sunfresh Linen is an industry leading commercial linen hire and laundry company based in Brisbane. They are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of quality along its product range and services to ensure Sunfresh Linen remains a provider of choice within the public and private sector.

To compete for contracts, Sunfresh Linen is required to submit tenders on a regular basis. To assist with this, Sunfresh Linen has engaged Todd Crowley and the team at Vaxa for the past five years to assist with major tenders for all commercial laundry requirements.

The challenge

Given the wide scope of tenders across many sectors, Todd and the team at Vaxa treat each project separately to ensure Sunfresh Linen is in the best position to compete for – and secure - future supplier contracts. It is not uncommon for Sunfresh Linen to need a quick turnaround time for new tenders. This is possible given the working relationship Sunfresh Linen and Vaxa have developed where all tenders have been submitted within the required timeframe.


The leadership team at Sunfresh Linen said they found the team at Vaxa Group happy to think outside of the box to develop innovative solutions. Vaxa’s team also worked with the Sunfresh Linen team on developing operational and standard procedure documents and writing risk matrix documentation. Vaxa also worked with Sunfresh Linen to ensure all of their required policies and procedures documentation were up-to-date and assisted them in going through the extensive IOS accreditation procedure.

The result

Thanks to the Vaxa team’s experience in this space, their tenders for Sunfresh Linen have been very successful and well above the average success rate.  They have a strong network of contacts, across a number of different fields and are more than happy to assist in connecting their clients when needed. 


“Todd and Vaxa Group’s work far exceeds expectations. They are very professional and know exactly what to do and, thanks to their high level of communications skills, they keep us informed every step of the way. They always ensure they are up to date with all industry best practices to be of the best value to their clients. They are incredibly easy to work with and results driven. They really do care about each and every business they work with and our successes and wins are their successes and wins.” 

Steven George – CEO of Sunfresh Linen

The brief

The Endeavour Foundation was founded in 1951 and is now a national Australian, for-purpose organisation dedicated to helping people with a disability to live fulfilling lives. Endeavour Foundation develops supported educational and vocational programs to assist those living with an intellectual disability to participate in educational programs and opportunities for supported employment. Endeavour Foundation’s activities are supported by the successful prize home lottery fundraising arm of the organisation.

The challenge

Following a recommendation by an associate, Endeavour Foundation engaged Todd Crowley and the team at Vaxa Group to conduct a complete review of the organisation’s sales and marketing functions. Endeavour Foundation chose Vaxa Group to undertake the review based on their proven track record of commercial planning, reporting and business intelligence.

The result

Once Vaxa had completed a review of Endeavour Foundation’s sales and marketing functions, the organisation engaged Todd as Acting Head of Sales and Business Development, a role which is responsible for Endeavour Foundation Industries, Endeavour Foundation Lotteries, Philanthropy, Bequests, and Bids, Tenders and Grants.

“Todd and the Vaxa team oversaw the implementation of the sales and business development strategy which they crafted along with the sales analysis and strategy contribution to a critical EFI turnaround project, focusing on 11 underperforming sites across the east coast. Vaxa used sales analytics and resources to assist the EFI turnaround project with eight of the 11 sites now in positive territory.


“Vaxa employed professional strategies and resources to enhance our organisation’s Bid, Tender and Grant functions; developed a fresh Sales and BD strategy with key leaders within our organisation, provided us with with sales staff to improve B2B sales, and more importantly instilled a positive and strong team culture.


“Vaxa also provided us with a Strategic Engagement Manager to help us realise revenue opportunities and target our key/strategic partners. They also worked as part of the team which managed our most successful lottery ever.”

Brooke Chapman – Acting Executive General Manager, Sales & Marketing at Endeavour Foundation


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