Our experienced team applies a combination of flexible and integrated services to meet current and changing client needs.  This includes communications, stakeholder engagement, media relations, business development and logistics management solutions.

As demonstration of our flexibility and service range, across the past year we supported our clients in the following ways:

  • Drafted winning tenders for a civil construction contractor 

  • Prepared successful grant submissions and business cases in the leisure and tourism sector

  • Delivered high profile media relations strategies in the tourism, health and ‘tech’ sectors, achieving positive profile

  • Undertook industry engagement and assessment to help position Queensland regions attract more Defence services contracts 

  • Developed a social media and digital content marketing strategy for a legal services client

  • Supporting logistic services for international Defence services undertaking exercises in Australia (with over $20m in new business for our clients)

  • Delivered successful stakeholder engagement programs for several development projects

  • Upgraded sales diagnostic methodologies for a large NGO/ ‘for purpose’ client

  • Drafted investor relations and other business documentation for a resources client.


The Vaxa Group assists businesses grow through increased market capture and contract acquisition. Every year we assist many clients with competitive and successful tender strategy and submissions. 

Our experience is drawn from decades of working on the ‘client side’ within Government, operating large procurement programs, and within the market, by helping clients respond to requests for offers and tenders.

We have the experience to provided successful business proposals within the construction, development, trade services, Defence, national security, hospitality and aviation sectors.

Our range of services includes:

•    Competitive tender strategy and drafting
•    Client and market engagement (to pre-position service offer)
•    Business development planning
•    Marketing strategy and development
•    Brand development and management
•    Contract negotiations
•    Process mapping


We are a leading business consultancy providing integrated and flexible communications, media and stakeholder engagement solutions. 

Our diverse client base includes companies and agencies from the private and public sectors, within a range of disciplines including resource, infrastructure, development, agribusiness, Defence, national security, transport and logistics industries. 

Our communications strategy, advice and services add value through improved market positioning and consumer awareness. We also add value by assisting organisations win additional market share competitive tenders and grants, along with other business communications. 

Our integrated, value-adding services include:

  • Communication strategies and practical implementation plans

  • Key messages and Q&A, factsheets

  • Website management – copy, SEO support and analytics reporting

  • Media relations and copy

  • Social media strategy and management  

  • Competitive tender submissions, grant applications and business cases

  • Issues management and crisis communication

  • Corporate capability statements and other business documentation

  • Presentations (including graphic design)

  • Pitch decks and pitch coaching

  • Information memoranda and IPO documentation

  • Executive summaries and plain English conversion of technical documents


Vaxa have extensive experience delivering and supporting logistics and supply chain solutions across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa on behalf of our clients. We understand the commercial drivers behind project delivery, as well as the enduring business opportunities offered by delivering a project to completion.

From building teams to covering all operational requirements, we cover the whole spectrum of supply chain and integrated logistics for projects. This includes logistics and supply chain coordination pre-preparedness, planning and executing the supply of rapid responses for humanitarian solutions and supporting Defence and National Security initiatives.

Our team of commercial contractors and retired Defence personnel are AGSVA cleared.

Our range of services within this area includes:

•    Risk and Crisis Management
•    Provision of specialised, deployable teams
•    Strategic planning and execution
•    Strategic engagement
•    Product positioning
•    Government relations
•    Commercial planning, reporting and business intelligence
•    Inventory control
•    Scenario, event and response planning and simulation
•    Disaster management plans and response evaluation
•    Financial controls
•    Compliance
•    Cost control methods and supply management systems
•    Business continuity planning



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