Curtis West

Software Engineer

BEng(SoftwareEng)(Hons) with Advanced Studies, GradIEAust*, Cert 3. Business

Curtis is a Software Engineer with experience in requirement analysis, software development, project management and academic research. His experience in these areas extends to data science, particularly in the data analytics-and-capture spaces. The combination of these strong analytical skills and technological knowledge provides a fresh and unique perspective on projects, particularly those that sit at the intersection between technology and other areas. With businesses increasingly looking towards more advanced and cost-effective technological solutions, Curtis is well-equipped to provide practical strategies and solutions that best integrate with existing infrastructure. In developing solutions in the past, Curtis has demonstrated his ability to both develop novel, end-to-end solutions and to configure existing products according to a well-prioritised task list.


Area of Specialty:

  • Software design and development

  • Technology project management

  • Data capture, storage, analysis and visualisation


Suite 1.4 Chambers Level 308

Queen Street Brisbane, Queensland

Australia 4000

Phone: +617 3102 4145


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